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Lunchtime Reboot!

Discovery Session

Are you eating healthy and exercising, but feel stuck? Need some advice, but don't want coaching sessions? This 90-minute session is for you!

Lunchtime Reboot was designed for those of you that need some advice without the weekly coaching sessions. Perhaps, you are already eating healthy and exercising, but you feel that you have plateaud and you are wondering what your next step should be. 

By speaking to a health coach, you can gain further insight into what additional factors may be going on in addition to diet and exercise. 

This is what you will get during your 90-minute session:

  • Private phone or Zoom meeting with a health coach

  • Comprehensive health history 

  • Target key areas that maybe contributing to your concerns

  • At least 3 steps you can take right now to make improvements

  • Receive email news and updates (optional)

  • Join public facebook page for additional support (optional)

Book this one time, 90-minute discovery session to speak to a health coach! 

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