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Reboot, Refresh, Shine!

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Join Nourishing Greens in our mission to promote self-care by setting healthy boundaries and nourishing ourselves from the inside out.

What is self-care really about?

Nourishing Greens Reboot, Refresh, Shine!

Our self-care movement is about putting our health first. We as women have been programmed to take care of the needs of others, while sacrificing our own, even when we are not at our best. In order for us to truly give to others, we must learn how to give to ourselves first. This is not a selfish act, but rather, an act of survival.


Taking care of you first, is the basis of survival. If we continue to operate in a burned-out manner, it will deplete us on a mental and physical level. This in turn can lead to illness and disease, impaired relationships and feelings of inadequacy.

Reboot, Refresh, Shine!

We all have one life to live and deserve the best it has to offer. It's an awful feeling to sit back and reflect on all the lost opportunities or looking at yourself in the mirror wondering what in the world happened? Where did the time go?

That sense of hopelessness or ill feelings do not have to rule your life. There is a way out.

By recognizing the need to make changes in your life is the initial steps in recovering your self-worth and moving onto improving your overall health and well-being. Sometimes it's an easy fix, and you can simply resolve it on your own, and at other times, your situation may be more complex which requires you to seek out support. Either way, it is ok, as long as you get the priority of self-care moving forward! Nourishing Greens believes everyone deserves to feel good and have the balance they need in their lives.

Transform yourself through our 3-month coaching program, Reboot, Refresh, Shine! Start fueling yourself with nutritious foods and practicing daily activities that soothe yourself from the inside out! Find out more at:

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