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The Whole Foods Diet for Meat Eaters?

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

The buzz about the whole foods, plant-based diet is all over the internet. Depending on which article you read, you may think this way of eating is not for you, especially if you are a meat eater. But, with everything else, there are two sides to the story...

Nourishing Greens ~ Whole Foods Diet

There is a lot of contradictory information circulating on the internet regarding the Whole Foods Diet. Depending on the source you read, some experts define it as strictly eating a plant-based diet, while others, incorporate animal products into their diets. Which ever direction you choose to go, each will require you to eliminate or significantly reduce processed foods from your diet.


What Is a Whole Foods Diet?

First, the Whole Foods Diet is not really a diet, but rather, a way of eating. Second, the basis of a Whole Foods Diet consists of eating foods that are minimally processed or refined; this may or may not include animal-based products. Basically, your daily meals will include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with high-quality animals products. This "diet" will avoid or significantly reduce foods that are packaged and processed such as chips, cookies, frozen meals, canned foods, microwavable meals, hydrogenated oils and artificial sweeteners just to name a few.

Incorporating Whole Foods Into Your Diet

Did you know that what we eat can directly impact our health? It is estimated that two-thirds of Americans are expected to die from cancer or heart-disease. The good news is, you have the power to make healthier eating choices. Just because you choose to go on a Whole Foods Diet does not mean you have to restrict what you eat. Healthy eating does not have to be "all or nothing" and it should not be restrictive, but rather, sustainable. If you are not ready to dive into this way of eating just yet, begin by simply adding fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet while reducing your intake of processed and packaged foods. This may require you to cook more at home, but it will be well worth it due to the health benefits.

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