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The Whole Foods Diet for Meat Eaters?

The buzz about the whole foods, plant-based diet is all over the internet. Depending on which article you read, you may think this way of eating is not for you, especially if you are a meat eater. But, with everything else, there are two sides to the story... There is a lot of contradictory information circulating on the internet regarding the Whole Foods Diet. Depending on the source you read, some experts define it as strictly eating a plant-based diet, while others, incorp

Whole Baked Branzino (European Sea Bass)

Branzino or European Sea Bass, is a popular Mediterranean fish and has been a favorite in my family. I love the soft, mild taste and the versatility of this fish. We usually bake it in the oven, but you can also grill it or use it in stews. For this whole baked branzino recipe, I baked it in the oven and used an herb lemon sauce on top. For those of you worried about consuming seafood, Branzino is considered a safe option according to a seafood-industry expert. Branzino is a

For the Love of Broccoli

Spruce up your broccoli dishes with a powerful dose of raw garlic! I promise you, you will never look at broccoli the same again. If you are a garlic lover, you will LOVE this recipe. Not only does it add flavor to cooked vegetables, the raw garlic will add extra health benefits you need. According to Dr. Axe's article, garlic can help with a variety of conditions such as heart disease, cancer, blood pressure, colds/infections, hair loss, diabetes and symptoms of dementia. No

Sliced Crispy Apples with Nut Butter Sprinkled with Chia Seeds

Next time you are craving something sweet, grab an apple and load it up with some protein. Yes, not only will you satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ll also get some protein from the nut butter and chia seeds, too! Opting for fruit with a low-glycemic index, like apples, are a great way to keep your sugar levels balanced while adding tons of fiber into your diet! Recipe 1 Apple (Any kind) 1 Tbsp Nut Butter (Peanut, Almond, Cashew or Sunflower Seed) 1 tsp Chia Seeds Preparation Was

Welcome to Nourishing Greens

We are so excited to share our first blog post with you! We are committed to creating a safe, supportive environment for women that promotes self-care, healthy living, nutritional information, and general wellness tips. Creating a "self-care" movement where women take charge of their health by setting healthy boundaries, eating real foods, and putting their health first, is of utmost importance. Who is Nourishing Greens? Hi! I'm Sandy Blackburn, owner and founder of Nourishi